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Putumayo anf EFSC launched a new cooperation    

The European Federation for Street Children and Putumayo World Music have launched a new cooperation in the release of a new Putumayo Kids CD, named European Playground. The record label Putumayo is known world wide for its upbeat and melodic compilations of great international music.

New cooperation between the European Federation for Street Children and Putumayo World Music will begin with the release of a new Putumayo Kids CD entitled European Playground. This collaboration allows for 1 per cent of gross profits from sales of European Playground to be directly contributed to the EFSC, which in turn benefits the projects and activities dedicated to the increase of visibility and awareness, as well the improvement, of the situation of street children. Along with the 1 per cent donation, Putumayo has donated 100 free copies of the European Playground CD, Line Credit in all European Playground press releases (U.S. and International) and line credit in European Playground e-cards.  Each EFSC member organization will receive one free copy of CD.

Furthermore, the EFSC, together with Putumayo World Music, will possibly implement additional joint activities and campaigns in the future on the issue of street children in Europe, especially with a strong European cultural dimension. We hope that such a partnership will bring awareness raising on the urgent issue of children on the streets of Europe.  In addition, it will contribute to the better understanding of different European cultures through children's music.

Take a fun-filled musical tour of Europe

European Playground, due to be released in May 2009, features music from 15 European nations in over 10 languages. With this compilation of children's music from EU countries, children and their parents can take a fun-filled musical tour of Europe without having to pack a suitcase. Included in the linear notes of the CD will also be information regarding the EFSC.

Putumayo World Music- guaranteed to make you feel good.

Putumayo record label was established in 1993 to introduce people to the music of the world's cultures. In the past 15 years, the company become known world wide for promoting and recording great international music with the company's motto: "guaranteed to make you feel good". The Putumayo Kids division was created to introduce children to other cultures through fun, upbeat world music. Since the release of the best-selling World Playground CD in 1999, Putumayo Kids has established itself  as one of the leading children's record labels in the world, winning critical acclaim and honors. With its growing collection of albums and multicultural activity kits, Putumayo Kids provides children with upbeat, melodic and culturally authentic music, enhanced by educational liner notes.

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Please also follow the EFSC's news to hear about further cooperation between EFSC and Putumayo World Music. 



Alliance for Children and Youth 16+ Youth Day Care Centre - alternatives for street life

Project 16+ Youth Day Care Centre - alternatives for street life  is being run by Alliance for Children and Youth is realized with the support of the OAK Foundation, the Tulip Foundation, and the Nando Peretti in Rome for the period 01 January 2006 to 31 December 2008. Some programs are realized with the kind assistance of the Free and Democratic Bulgaria Foundation and the Association Vienna club in Sofia.

Aim of the project:
The longer-term goal of the programs and activities of the 16+ Youth Day Care Center is to support and empower street youths to develop positive, permanent and sustainable attitudes and behavior to look for and to find decent opportunities for social integration.

Activities and services under the project:
Basing their work on the understanding of homelessness as a temporary crisis, the work of the 16+ team is set on three main levels which will be implemented and improved during the three years of project duration:
Work with children and youth in crisis
Work for support and maintenance of the achieved results
Programs for positive change and development

For more details on other projects being run by ACY, please visit their website at:

 JOOnior Smile Breaks World Record!  Romanian Foundation for Children, Community & Family (FRCCF) and Cluj City Council Organise Event

JOOnior Smile, a fundraising event organised by EFSC member organisation Romanian Foundation for Children, Community and Family and Cluj-Napoca Mayor's Office, with the Vodafone Romania Foundation support achieved a grand success. 
On June 1 st , at 15:00 hours, 2,000 children and 150 volunteers present at JOOnior Smile broke the world record with the largest chalk pavement art, going beyond the previous record of 5,612 m 2 . By the end of the day, almost 7,000 m 2 were covered in chalk!!!

To do the longest child smiles train, the children used 10,000 boxes of coloured chalk and drank over 1,500 litters of water ... and they managed to make the largest chalk pavement drawing in the world!

Pupil Parent Partnership (UK) Gets Funding from the British Council to Develop its Europeace Partnership Project

Pupil Parent Partnership has just been awarded funding from the British Council, through the Youth in Action Programme to develop its Europeace Partnership. Europeace was a 3 year Youth Action 5 Programme funded project concentrating on the issue of young people as perpetrators and victims of violence, and had the Roma communities of Europe as its case study. The original partnership for this project, which concluded in November 2007, included organisations from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia, Norway, and The Netherlands, and was led by PPP as the UK representative. The result of this collaboration was an 83 page document titled ‘Europeace: A Framework' which presented the framework to support practitioners working with all vulnerable children, but particularly those involved with violence.

This new funding will allow PPP to increase this partnership through the addition of Wales and Greece, and also develop a more formal structure for its ongoing collaboration and activities, and the development of a 5 year strategy for the furtherance of this extremely important work. PPP is very excited about the possibility to continue this collaboration, and would be very interested to hear from other EFSC member organisations who may be interested in its work, and who may be interested in future collaborative work.
To obtain further information on the document, ‘Europeace: A Framework' please contact:
Martyn Weeds
Fundraising and Projects Co-ordinator
PPP Ltd.

First Children's Embassy in the World-Meghasji Request for Parental Right's Deprivation and Criminal Prosecution for Sexual Abuse of a Child (13 years old) by a Parent M.A. ( 32) from Dolno Gjugjanci, St. Nikola

In light of the last few cases of commercial sexual abuse of children in Macedonia, First Children's Embassy in the World asks for deprivation of parental right's and criminal prosecution for sexual abuse of the child, child trafficking and child's pimping.

In a press release issued out, it reminds the state institutions that the Republic of Macedonia ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child (1993) and the Convention Against the Worst Forms of Child Labour (2001) regarding the cases of sexual abuse which have lately turned into frequent examples of child's rights violation, and abuse of their physical, mental and moral integrity. It points out that the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the Convention which refers to the prohibition of the worst forms of child labour, both oblige Macedonia to protect the children form all kind of violence, abuse and neglect of their parents or guardian/s.

Therefore, they request the deprivation of parental rights in these sexual abuse cases and an active state involvement in the prevention and supervision of dysfunctional families. In order to support the continuous action of child protection from all kinds of abuse, First Children's Embassy offers a SOS phone line for children and young people: 0800 12222 and a Free Legal Service function actively in order to offer psychosocial and legal support to children and young people.

For more information on the activities of First Children's Embassy, please visit:




The Society of the friends of the Children (Towarzystwo przyjaciół dzieci- TPD) Poland celebrates its 90th Anniversary!

TPD Poland is a national humanitarian and welfare organisation operating within 16 regional sections in the country. The organisation concerns itself with socially excluded children - street children - providing educational, supportive and protective facilities in their environment. TPD, which was established in 1919, is celebrating its 90th Anniversary this year.  On the 30th of May 2009, the National Congress of TPD`s delegates and the Gala Ceremony on the occasion of 90-anniversary of the Association were held in Warsaw. During the ceremony, TPD awarded the most dedicated and involved people in work for children and families. For this occasion TPD created special Statuette- shaped hands, which symbolize the support and protection of affected children. The representative of the Polish Ministry of Education Elżbieta P. Matejka - awarded seven TPD activists with a special Medal of the Commission of National Education for their outstanding contributions to the education system in Poland.



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First Lady of Poland, Mrs. Maria Kaczyńska met children from TPD care centres 

Additionally, in the occasion of the World Children's Day, on 29th of May 2009 the First Lady of Poland, Mrs Maria Kaczyńska has organized the meeting with children from TPD  care centres, as well as with children from orphanages and other centres for marginalized children in Poland.


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