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National for street/disadvantaged children

The Children's Rights Centre
Through past experience and the newly conducted research (60 interviews with street girls in Oct-Nov 2007) Shishu Tori Sangstha has realized the great need to help street girls in Dhaka with protecting them from their extremely vulnerable lifestyles in the streets.

The main reason why there is a great necessity for opening up a Street Girls Rehabilitation Center at Kamlapur Railway Station in Dhaka is because in general street girls have no shelter and because of this they are large victims of; sexual and mental abuse, torture, exploitation in disgraceful and dangerous work placements, severely unhygienic and unhealthy living conditions...

Many of the street girls in our recent research wake up in the morning and go to sleep at night without having anyone who cares about them. With the Street Girls Rehabilitation Center the street girls will not only have a safe place to stay and sleep, a place to have regular meals, become educated, get vocational skills training to become self-reliant etc. but also will the center be a place for the street girls where they can feel important through the care of Shishu Tori Sangstha. Caring about street girls is very important as the care they will receive will help them to improve their self-confidence and become strong and independent in the society.

To open up a rehabilitation center for street girls in Dhaka.
● To provide psychological counseling for street children.
● To provide literacy and numeric education for street children.
● To provide health and medical care support for street children.
● To provide free legal aid for street children.
● To provide family reunion support for street children.
● To frequently collect updated information on violence, abuse, exploitation, discrimination of street children.
● To raise awareness on prevention of STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) among street children.
● To develop a network for professionals and organizations who can support work with street children.
● To work with mass media with focus on street children issues in our society


European Federation for Street Children (since 2006) Consortium for street children UK Providing networking assistance, Database support, Unicef Bangladesh, Partnership with Daneford Trust UK sending overseas volunteer wok with street children in Shishu Tori Sangstha, Bangladesh

31st August 2000

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Shishu Tori Sangstha (Shishu Tori means "children's ferry") has since its start in 2000 had the aim to rescue children who are floating about in the streets of Dhaka and struggling for their own survival without any support from anyone. The founders of the organization including the staffs have substantial prior experience in welfare work in organizations at home and abroad.

Since its inception, the work of Shishu Tori Sangstha has rescued a large number of street children from starvation and death by giving them food, clothes, shelter, health care, non-formal education, recreational activities and vocational skills training. However, sourcing funds to meet these objectives of the organization is always a serious problem.

Today STS is operating three "Schools Under the Sky" (street schools) for street children six days a week (3 hours daily), in three different areas in Dhaka; Kamlapur Railway Station, Kawran Bazar (vegetable market) and Osmani Uddan (park). Through these open-sky schools the street children are being taught; Bangla, English, maths, health/hygiene and they also get motivating recreational activities. Before and after the school, the street children are provided counseling and health care support whenever they are in difficulties. Several of the street children face problems from the police authorities and therefore STS is providing legal aid and try to rescue them from the prisons and vagrant homes.

Currently Shishu Tori Sangstha is working with approximately 200-220 street children in the three areas of operation.

15,(including volunteer)


1st Floor Ispahani Building
14-15 Motijeel
1000 - DHAKA

Phone:+ 880 2 956 74 63 / 01819291567(Mob).
Fax:+ 88 0 2 716 12 38 / 9567463

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