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EFSC welcomes new member organizations

Recently, EFSC newtwork has grown  with the acquisition of two new member orgnizations: Kapocs Youth Self-Help Service from Hungary and Die Klaine Pyramide from Germany. Read below more information of their missions and activities.


Kapocs Youth Self-Help Service-Hungary


Mission and Objectives

The Kapocs Youth Self-Help Service is the self-help organization of "young people for young people" set-up in order to create a helping environment for youth experiencing troubles and social exclusion in life.

The aim of the Kapocs Youth Self Help Service is to help excluded young people integrate in society through programs of volunteering and peer mentoring. The objectives are to prevent the commitment of crimes by youngsters who grow up in a difficult and unsatisfactory environment of personal relationships. Kapocs therefore, aims at improving youth's natural helping ability and bridge the distance between young people "in trouble" and the appropriate supporting services.

The mission of the organization is to bring young people using the services of the organization into the voluntary work within the organization, in a way that can provide them with access to tools which can help to solve their problems. 

By creating a natural, comfortable environment where young people can bond, the peer network takes the place of traditional preaching about important issues like drugs and violence, thus opening doors for more effective communication.

The Kapocs Youth Self-Help Service was established in 1992 as a foundation of the Petőfi Hall and became at that time a centre for young people having difficulties and problems in life. After 14 years of activity and services Kapocs had to move from the Patőfi Hall to the 8th district of Budapest, where the organization is realizing its original objectives: preventing the problems of youth who are growing up in difficult and unsatisfactory environments.

Activities and Projects

By creating a natural, comfortable environment where young people can bond, the peer network takes the place of traditional preaching about important issues like drugs and violence, thus opening doors for more effective communication.

The levels of activities can be separated in the following levels:

  • Contact-making

The task of contact-making or outreach primarily belongs to the volunteers. These contact-making sessions are made in their own social environment as well as on various scenes of risk for young people.

  • Service-type activities

The service-type activities have to appear in the organization in a way that they do not alone substitute but instead, complement and reinforce the work of volunteers. These services should provide an appropriate and meaningful choice for the young people struggling with various problems.

  • Complex tasks, the level of concentrated programs

- Developing and initiating complex activities and projects related to problems

  • Supporting tasks and activities:

- First-aid, health care group

- Groups related to job-seeking

- Group related to drug prevention, harm reduction.

- Group related to support youngsters in trouble: hot-line, help team for runaway children

- Self-recognition group

- Theatre group

- Hand-crafts, games, leisure activities, guitar playing


Die Kleine Pyramide -Germany

The small pyramid - help for children in need.


Mission and Objectives

Die Klaine Pyramide organization is working for the sake of sick, disabled and vulnerable children and their families since more than 10 years. The main area of the work is in Luxor/Egypt and the surrounding villages of the famous tourist metropolis at the river Nile.

Nearly none of the millions of tourists visiting the pharaonic monuments every year sees the poverty and the miserable conditions of living of so many people there, just one step aside the tourist paths.

The problems and the poverty are numerable and Die Klaine Pyramide objectives are to fight against:

  • extremely child poverty
  • unemployment,
  • analphabetism,
  • ignorance,
  • lack of information and education,
  • extremely high rate of birth,
  • inhuman conditions,
  • difficult women's situation,
  • bad housing conditions


Activities and Projects

The number of supported children and families is rising steadily. At the moment 170 families with a lot of lone women and disabled children are in the program of the organization. Each of these families has a sponsor, which donate the amount of 25 Euro each month. This money goes to the family directly and to 100 percent. Die Kleine Pyramide don't deduct not one pound from the donator's money. This monthly money helps to cover the cost of schooling, medicine, clothes etc. In emergency cases or in chronic cases the organization also take over the cost for medicine or any medical treatment outside of own center. All of Die Kleine Pyramide work is financed by the donation money. Unfortunately, one of the main difficulties is to obtain donations for Islamic countries. The work in Luxor is done by a team consisting of 10 Egyptians and 2 Germans. The German members work voluntarily, the Egyptians get a salary. The Small pyramid Luxor, "daughter" of the Small pyramid Trier, is officially registered as a NGO in Egypt.

Following the needs, the organization has a lot of plans for the future: to built a bigger center for more activities. It would allow to realize two long term goals: establishing a small school for disabled children (not available at all in the Luxor Westbank) as well as establishing an over day care for disabled children (not available in Luxor).  


To see the contact details of the organizations please click here .


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