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European Commission launches Consultation on the future Strategy on the Rights of the Child - EFSC and its members to ensure most vulnerable children remain unforgotten.

As a result of EFSC's strengthened operational contacts with DG JLS, and its involvement in the Children's Rights Action Group (CRAG), EFSC has been asked to contribute to the Consultation regarding the Communication on Children's Rights (2011-2014) which the European Commission intends to adopt at the end of 2010 to further advance the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child.

A consultation questionnaire has been drafted, targeting all citizens, organisations, bodies, institutions and experts involved in the promotion and protection of Children's Rights at local, regional and national and European levels

This consultation gives stakeholders the opportunity to present their views to the Commission about which concrete actions could be developed at EU level that would bring real added value. It will also give the Commission an insight into concrete experiences of those working with children, particularly as regards the difficulties they encounter when they promote and protect children's rights. The Commission is looking in particular for reliable data, factual information and concrete examples on the situation on the ground, both as regards problems and solutions. Issues covered by the questionnaire: The first section relates to the evaluation of previous initiatives taken by the Commission on the Rights of the Child. The second section focuses on areas which have been identified as requiring particular attention. In this area issues like child friendly justice, justice policies safe-guarding children's rights, vulnerable groups of children, violence against children and child poverty are covered

Who can reply to the questionnaire? The questionnaire is addressed to individuals as well as organisations, associations, bodies, institutions, who deal with the protection and the promotion of children's rights at local, regional, national, European or international level. It is not necessary to reply to all of the questions. Depending on one's experience one can reply only to the questions relating to own activities.

EFSC highly welcomes that such a consultation has been launched giving a chance to stakeholders working in the field to contribute to the future strategy on the Rights of the Child. Sharing their views and field experiences, will enable stakeholders to provide the Commission with a much clearer landscape of what the situation is like on the children's rights arena, not only from the NGOs' point of view but also regarding the needs of the children themselves; this is why child participation plays an important role in the whole process. The Commission is looking for stakeholders to provide reliable data, factual information and concrete examples and the situation on the ground, both as regards problems and solutions', which can serve as a guideline for the steps that need to be taken next.

The deadline to provide input on this questionnaire is set on 20.08.2010. Both EFSC and its member organisations are already in the process of collecting concrete field related and user-oriented input from the large scale of activities carried out by its members to support the most vulnerable children, in particular street children.

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