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EFSC develops a research based analysis on European legislation framework to protect minors against violence within DAPHNE project

The European Federation for Street Children jumped on board of the ACKNOW project in February 2010. ACKNOW - ‘Acquiring knowledge and raising the quality of services targeted to minors victims of violence', is a project, part of the Daphne III Programme which aims at encouraging Member States to unify forces and combat violence against children, young people and women, and protect victims and groups at risk. It also intends to extend and improve the quality of the services available in each geographical area as a means of protection.

This project, led by the Regione Lombardia -Direzione Generale Famiglia e Solidarietà Sosicale, falls under the Call for Proposals 2007-2013 (Call for Proposal no. 2008-1/) and counts with eight partners two of which are Italian: Galdus Cooperative Society and ASBL from Bergamo, two are Valencian; Regional Ministry of Social Welfare (Conselleria de Bienestar Social) and Fundación Comunidad Valenciana - Región European (Work-phase 3 coordinator); and the remaining include the Parada Foundation (Romania), the ECIP Foundation (Bulgaria), the organisation Hors la Rue (France), and the European Federation for Street Children (EFSC).

Under its work phase 3, EFSC is carrying out an analytical comparison on the existing legislation and policies at the international and European level, regarding the protection of minors against violence. Furthermore EFSC will ensure to achieve a dissemination of the results and outputs of the project through various channels and measures at an EU level while also helping to organize the final conference which is set to take place at the Committee of the Regions in Brussels.

At this stage in the project, partners will be given the opportunity to present the results of their comparison of the legislation and policies in every country, at a meeting to be held in Valencia on September 23rd.  Such meeting will be organised by WP3 coordinator, Fundación Comunidad Valeciana - Región Europea and analytical report will be written by the Valencian Regional Ministry of   Social Welfare.


To read the press release about the II Transnational Meeting in Valencia, please click here.

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