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Condominium Property Management

In a condominium, a certain part of real property is owned by an individual, but the access to and use of facilities like hallways or heating systems, elevators or exterior spaces is under the legal ownership rights of that owner and is controlled by the group of owners who jointly own the entire piece. You can see Altura EC showflat on our website.

The responsibility of managing a Condo Suite is full-time. The management company you choose can help you make a profit from your investment.

Toronto’s Property Managers will take over all day-today duties in relation to your condominium on behalf of you. Rent collection, bill payment and other tasks are included. If rent checks are returned NSF during the normal operating of the rented unit, the tenants may wish to pay in cash or by using another bank. You need a point of local contact. Payment of bills is essential, as must constant contact with billing agencies.

A local property manager will be your tenant’s first point of call for assistance, questions and other requests. Property managers are able to supervise and monitor the building and tenants. They can also keep track of the interests of the owners.

Once you’ve taken possession, you need to locate a suitable tenant. Toronto’s tenant screening must be very thorough to prevent the property from being rented to an incompetent person.