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There Are Both Risks And Benefits To Plastic Surgery

More Americans have plastic surgeryA today than at any other time in history, even though the economy is slowing down. In the last 12 months, over 13 million plastic surgery procedures were performed according to American Society for Aesthetic Surgery. The increase is 5%.

In terms of the number of surgeries performed, breast augmentation, at 318,123, is followed by liposuction, at 288,016, and eyelid surgery, at 152123.

The demand for cosmetic plastic surgery is high. What risks do people take?

Looking younger is always a good reason to feel good. Plastic surgery can boost self-confidence. In addition to improving a person’s physical appearance, they can also improve their outlook on life. Then, they will be more appealing to employers and to other people. When a person has excess weight, weight loss surgeries can be used to restore youthful slimness more quickly and permanently.┬áIf you are looking for a plastic surgery for lips, you can visit us for more information.

The idea of aging in our culture is a myth. As many Silicon Valley millionaires as there are, all under the age of 30, getting old doesn’t mean you become wiser and more prosperous. Students in a recent ASAPS report were not able to tell that people who have cosmetic surgery are 10 years older than they actually are.

But even today’s advances in technology, it is still not an easy procedure. This is surgery, and it comes with inherent risks.

Blood Clots

Bleeding that is excessive or unexpected


-tissue death


The sensations that you feel may change or disappear.

Uncompleted healing

-anesthesia malfunction


Additional surgeries

Results not satisfactory

-nerve damage

“I’m obsessed with having more operations”

Insolvency or high cost debt

This last point should not be overlooked. Cosmetic surgery in the US is very expensive. The average cost of a facelift ranges from $4000 to $10000 and that for a breast lift between $3000 and $6000. The majority of employer’s insurance does not include plastic surgery, unless there is an associated accident or sickness. Even those countries where the government provides health coverage do not pay for plastic surgery performed solely to improve appearance.

Spend less on cosmetic surgery in Mexico

Mexico offers a way for you to significantly reduce your costs. Traveling to Mexico can help you save money.

Mexico has been plagued by charlatans who promise miracles and offer prices that are too low to believe. Mexico does have highly-qualified, professional hospitals and doctors, who can meet the standards and quality of those in the U.S. There are many that have affiliations with American Hospitals.

Even though the U.S. has a higher cost for cosmetic surgery, the costs of plastic surgery done by experienced surgeons and in clean, modern hospitals with state-of-the art equipment are still 90% cheaper. Hospitals will often pick up and deliver patients at the border or airport, as well as to other sites of transportation. A package may include resort areas that are safe and comfortable for recovering, but away from the dangers of violent regions.