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You can awaken Kundalini with these 4 simple methods.

If you want to activate kundalini energy, it is important that you prepare through a variety of yogic techniques, including asanas (yogic postures), pranayama (yogic breathing), kriya and mediation. By directing prana (your breath) to the seat of kundalini that is dormant, you awaken the energy and it passes to your brain via the sushumna nadi. It passes through all the chakras which correspond to the various silent parts of the brain. When the kundalini energy is activated, dormant regions of the mind begin to awaken and bloom. Come and visit our website search it on YourHighestTruth you can learn more.

1. Awakening By Birth

It is said that if the parents of a child are very evolved, they can have a Kundalini awakened. Awakened shushumna (the spiritual channel) ida/pingala nadi can also be inherited. Ida nadi emerges on the left side from mooladha and Pingala nadi appears from mooladhara. Ida represents the feminine mood, and is introverted. Pingala is an active extrovert masculine.

It is possible to control the life of someone who was born awakened. Everything happens to them on a naturally occurring basis, they are aware and never appear to be affected by anything. An awakened child has clarity of vision, superior thinking skills, and a philosophy that is extraordinary. It is characterized by total detachment, mature behaviours, and a tendency to avoid emotional reactions to any situation.

2. Mantra

Mantras can be a powerful method of awakening kundalini. They are also risk-free. But it takes patience and much time. To begin, find a suitable ritual. Preferably from a guide who will be able to help you. You can use mantras to develop your intuition and inner force, giving you the ability to ignore everything in front of you.

By repeating the mantras repeatedly, a force of sound is created that builds momentum. This vibration spreads throughout your brain and body. If you practice mantras, they will spread throughout the brain and your entire body.

These must be spoken out loud and softly on the psychic and mental levels. By doing them in all four dimensions, kundalini is supposed to awaken in a systematic and methodical way.

3. Tapasya

Tapasya means performing austerities. Burning or setting a fire is used to remove negativity, both mentally and physically. The whole person is purified of filth and bad behaviours.

In order to eliminate habits, patterns and mentalities at their root level (psychic), not just the conscious one, they must be eliminated at the subconscious. Tapasya involves a psychological and emotional process that involves moving the metabolism of the body to get rid of habits or patterns which cause weakness.

With repeated practice, the inability to will is overcome. A weak will power can make a firm decision to end the problem. You eliminate the mental or emotional energy.

4. Herbs

This technique, known in sanskrit as “aushadhi”, is different from the LSD and other drugs that are commonly used. One of the most potent and effective ways to wake up kundalini is through aushadhi. It’s not for everybody and very few know how it works. Various herbs can change the physical and elemental natures of the body to bring about a partial, or even a complete awakening.

If you want to use this method, it is recommended that you work with a qualified guide or guru. Because these herbs activate ida-pingala. Many people, who aren’t prepared, qualified or competent, misuse plants and the Aushadhi technique of awakening. The reason why you should not try and awaken your kundalini prematurely is because you might develop mental diseases or schizophrenia if not properly prepared.

Soma, a liquid extracted from a stalk of a particular plant on certain days within the lunar cycles. In the following days, they buried it until the full Moon. They claim that this juice induces visions, dreams, and higher levels of consciousness.

Ayahuasca, a substance which is useful for certain self-knowledge approaches, and is long studied by natural healers. Doctors and healthcare providers around the world. It’s used to help people overcome the harmful habits they have and their own. This is because its usage in the treatment of addictions and detoxifications has become a reality in countries such as Brazil and Peru.

Ayahuasca may be used to treat schizophrenia, depression, and anxiety.

Look for a knowledgeable guide who can help you get the most out of your adventure.