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The Right Self-Storage Facility

Today, renting a unit of self-storage is often a necessary but unwanted part of everyday life. One in ten American families use self-storage for different reasons. Most people use self storage for moving, home remodelling, military deployments and life-changing events like marriage/divorce/a new child/death in the family. You can also use it for your business.

No matter what your reason for renting a unit of self-storage, you probably have little experience in selecting a facility. It is the purpose of this guide to find a self storage facility which meets your individual needs. The following is a list of important things to keep in mind when searching for the ideal self storage facility.

LOCATION-Most people like to keep their valuables in a place close to home or where they work. The fact that the items you want to store are easily accessible and close at hand will give you an added sense of comfort. It may matter less if this is not something you plan to do often. Also, consider the ease of access to the storage facility. If it’s located in the backcountry, for example, will you have to find a way to get there. Obviously, you’ll want to check that it is located in a place where there is no crime.

The security of modern self storage facilities is a top priority. The minimum security features include bright, well-lit properties in case you’re required to access the property at night; a secure fence around the entire storage facility; an electronic, password protected gate; and some type of closed circuit video (CCTV) monitoring the facility. It’s only natural that you would expect the facility to keep your belongings safe when you needed them.

UNIT SIZES. There are a variety of unit sizes that you can choose from. The smallest storage units measure 5×5, and are 5 feet in width by 5 inches deep. The units increase slowly up to 10’x30, and even bigger depending on what you have. This gives you many options to select the size that best suits your needs. In the event that you have never used a storage unit before, you might not be sure what size you need. Here, a property manager with experience can help. Property managers should be able suggest a size of unit based on your items. A manager can also show you a storage unit. It is important to see the size of the unit so you can determine whether it will be the perfect fit for your items.

The price of self storage is not always the main factor to consider. Many people are willing to spend a bit more on a storage facility if they feel it will meet their specific needs. It is true that the age-old saying “You only get what your pay for” also applies to self-storage. Oft times, the lowest-priced facility will not always be the best. The reason it is cheaper may be for a specific purpose. There may not be video cameras installed or an electronic gate protected by a passcode, so it is considered less secure. Perhaps the facility has been neglected and it is in poor condition. People would be reluctant to store valuables inside a dirty and rundown building. You should avoid a facility with rates that are significantly less than the competition. You should always inspect the facility before making your decision. You should ask about current specials and discounts. Today’s economy is tough, so self storage discounts are quite common.